SDG 8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all
Social Projects
Volunteering activities with NLCares & The Dutch Dream Foundation
Our Goal
Getting our employees activated with voluntary work with Azerion Cares.
The attention for the person in need and doing well for the Social Organizations are paramount when committing to Azerion.

In these turbulent times it is more than ever important to register as a volunteer. Azerion takes action and presents our employees with new creative alternatives during this period of time. By offering flexible volunteering activities we strive to connect our (mostly young) professional and energetic people to participate in a vulnerable society. A society that needs extra support, such as children and youth in disadvantaged situations, the elderly, migrants, homeless people and people with disabilities. We strive to increase mutual involvement and social cohesion.
Our Mission
We partnered up with NL Cares to provide our employees with flexible volunteer work - Azerion employees are committed for 8 hours per year to spend in voluntary and unpaid activities offered through NL Cares.

NL Cares is an innovative organization for corporate involvement and flexible volunteering. NL Cares offers activities that reflect hands on work, fits into any schedule and is achievable next to a busy job. NL Cares increases the social involvement of companies and their Staff members. The foundation strives to achieve its objective by working together working with social organizations and companies.