SDG 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts
Azerion Green Projects
Azerion Carbon Emission Report
Our Goal
Azerion aims to become carbon neutral within the coming years.

Azerion has made commitments including integration of green activities in games, reducing its emissions and supporting the global environmental agenda

2019 was the second warmest year on record and the end of the warmest decade (2010- 2019) ever recorded. Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere rose to new records in 2019. If left unchecked, climate change will cause average global temperatures to increase beyond 3°C, and will adversely affect every ecosystem. Already, we are seeing how climate change can exacerbate storms and disasters, and threats such as food and water scarcity, which can lead to conflict. Doing nothing will end up costing us a lot more than if we take action now. We have an opportunity to take actions that will lead to more jobs, great prosperity, and better lives for all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building climate resilience.

The adtech and gaming industry have a significant environmental impact, most of the impact relates to energy consumption and carbon emissions released, both in the game development stage and while gaming or watching a video. For your reference; Every google search results in CO2 emissions, 1 search is 5 GHG, this amount is equal to driving a car for one mile. Imagine Azerion's monthly content views of over 1.5 billion! produces…... On the positive side we see in the gaming industry a significant positive social and economic impact due to its entertainment value, innovation, technological know-how and creative work. With our Azerion growth, our impact and the message we leave behind in the things that matter to the world and the people around us grows as well. As a fast growing entertainment & tech company we have the ability to provide modern-time solutions to modern-time problems and contribute to a positive social change.
Our Mission
What is Azerion’s Carbon Footprint in 2019 To become climate neutral, the whole organization will be turned upside down and inside out. Co2 emissions will be measured on different levels, according to the GreenHouse Gas protocol. The protocol comprehends a global framework to measure and manage greenhouse gas emission from private and public sector operations, value chains and mitigation actions. Emissions are measured and classified in 3 scopes. Scope 1 includes all direct emissions from Azerion, under her control. This includes for instance fleet vehicles and air conditioning. Scope 2 includes indirect emissions from electricity that is purchased and used by Azerion. Emissions in this scope are created during the production of the energy and eventually used by the organization. Scope 3 includes all other indirect emissions from activities or sources that Azerion does not own or control. These are usually the greatest share of the carbon footprinting, covering emissions associated with business travel, waste, water and the transmission of data. Azerion is guided by the Climate Neutral Group, with expertise in carbon management and offsetting services in the market and The Azerion Footprint report will be presented end of the year 2020

Azerion has made commitments including integration of green activities in games, reducing its emissions and supporting the global environmental agenda.