Since Azerion's founding we embrace several core values. These values are a derivative of our Founders when we looked at their personal values over the years, what drove them, what activities bring them the most joy, what they couldn’t live without. What gives their life meaning or what do they want to achieve?
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At Azerion we realise that the more important we become as a company in our global digital gaming & advertising industry, the greater our responsibility and contribution to the world around us gets. By relating our Azerion’s Projects to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are able to gain insight into the broader social and sustainable impact of our initiatives. With our work in the social & environmental projects we aim to make a positive impact and increase our contribution to society and the needs of the planet.
Our Mission
Our mission
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At Azerion, diversity and inclusion are an integral part of our history, culture, and identity. Together, we continue to build an inclusive culture that encourages, supports, and celebrates the diverse voices of our employees. It fuels our innovation and connects us closer to the customers and the communities we serve.

We recognize the importance of the diversity within our teams and company. Naturally from the growth through our acquisitions we have welcomed many new ‘company’ cultures and a broad diversity of employees to the Azerion family. As today we are proud to say we have over 55 Nationalities spread over 21 offices. Not only nationalities and their different cultures matter, also the variety of religions, gender and personal sexual preferences are welcomed and fostered.

Within Azerion we strive for safe & responsible gaming like data protection, being actively involved to support a safer online environment with our European Commission Alliance; to better protect minors online. Co-designing the Kids Youth Pledge, a youth-led initiative aiming to ensure that online platforms and services – and in particular their privacy policies – are designed in an age appropriate way that truly meets the developmental needs of children and young people. Azerion monitors regulatory developments, such as EU-level regulations related to safe internet use and the protection of minors.
Atilla Aytekin & Umut Akpinar
Founders & CEO’s of Azerion
One of our biggest ambitions as a fast growing gaming company is the message we leave behind and the things we do that matter to the world and the people around us.

Since Azerion grew in rocketspeed, we realize that our business and growth contributes to the pressure on the environment. We have a role to play on this planet and it’s our duty to reduce our environmental footprint to become a part of the solution. In order to do so we as Azerion launched several green initiatives. We made commitments varying from integrating green activations in games, reducing our emissions and supporting the global environmental agenda through initiatives such as planting thousands of trees, a green carfleet and many more to come.

Furthermore, we dedicately work on social projects that contribute to a better world and society. Both Atilla’s & Umut’s ties with taking responsibility are long-standing, dating back to 2006, where Atilla and his wife Zehra founded the Dutch Dream Foundation. After experiencing challenges both as an entrepreneur and as an immigrant child, Atilla & Umut have used their experiences to support bicultural entrepreneurs in their growth and development.

In the upcoming years we will continuing these efforts and activate our people, business and expertise in working on projects that encourage our responsibility mission. We will allocate dedicated time to our Azerion employees for voluntary work, getting elderly digital connected, connect young people with our professionals in coaching sessions and providing interactive gaming workshops for kids.
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Connecting young adults with non western background with top managers and professionals.
Climate Neutral Group is your partner in staying on track with the 'net zero economy' in 2050.
Alliance to better protect minors online.