Make the most out of your visitors

As a publisher you need consumers to come to your environment and to stay and enjoy and engage with that content as long as possible. You need the right content to achieve that, the right partners to make your company resilient for the future and you need advertisers that are willing to pay for reaching people in your domain.

How do we do all of that?

Azerion has built and acquired many technologies, companies and products which, together, build the solution that allows us to promise you the safety and reliability your looking for.


360 Polaris is a revolutionary, transparent ad monetization platform for video, web, native and mobile publishers: an all-in-one solution, presenting content providers with 4 distinct trading models.

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Headerlift is a monetization platform for publishers who are looking to maximize ad revenue through supply path efficiency and adtech simplicity.

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Sellbranch helps leading publishers increase revenues through a local sales network and extensive programmatic offers across the Nordics.

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What about your Consumers, Advertisers and Publishers?

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