The right people, the right place and the right time

As an advertiser you are looking for multiple things to come together in a publishing partner. Reliability is paramount, the audience is crucial, scale is essential and the performance vital. How do we bring these things together to help you make the most out of your advertising euro?

How do we do all of that?

Azerion has built and acquired many technologies, companies and products which, together, build the solution that allows us to promise you the safety and reliability your looking for.


Admoove is a pioneering geo-marketing technology that delivers efficient mobile and desktop media campaigns, generating point-of-sale traffic, via two ad solutions: audience planning & drive-to-store.

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Quantum Advertising is the leading programmatic integrated ad marketplace, connecting leading brands, trading desks and agencies to premium media and publishers.

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Summit is a full-stack programmatic ad platform and marketplace designed specifically to deliver branding campaigns on mobile.

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AdUX is a group, whose solutions bridge ad effectiveness and user experience through unobtrusive advertising, geo-marketing, drive-to-store marketing, and social marketing services.

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HiMedia is Germany’s leading independent full-service digital media sales house, whose premium portfolio of nationally and internationally well-known media brands helps advertisers and publishers.

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Adpulse is a digital content factory, developing brand storytelling and creative concepts, whose media coverage is ensured by harnessing powerful media brand partner communities.

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What about your Consumers, Advertisers and Publishers?

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